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Abant Tour.

Bolu is a city located in the Western Black Sea Region, with Düzce being a province that does not have a coastline, still does not lose much of its beauty, but also hosts magnificent natural beauties and many places to visit.

The surrounding area of Abant Lake is 7 kilometers long and walking around it is one of the most popular activities. If you are aiming to visit the entire lake on foot, we want you to know that you will have to walk an average of 1 to 1.5 hours before setting out. After this information, you can also consider the phaeton tour option. Another option is to ride around the lake by riding a horse.

Or, you can walk towards the surrounding springs and watch the lake from the high points. Especially if you have a thermos with you, we would definitely consider this last choice. The pleasure of sipping your tea or coffee while witnessing the indispensable landscapes of postcards with the naked eye would be invaluable.

You can either tour around the lake or watch the lake from a high point. A building on the shore of the lake will surely attract your attention. This structure is a mansion built to host the state elders. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was the first person to be hosted in this mansion, which was built in 1937, but Atatürk could not see this mansion. This building, which was also known as the Atatürk Mansion in the previous periods, but now called the Abant Mansion, was destroyed in 1975 and was rebuilt in the following years, remaining faithful to its original state.

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