User Contract

Contractor 1 - Hit Transfer (will be named “the agent” from now on)
Travel Agent License No: A Group / A-9144
Certificate of Authority Type: D2
Authorization Certificate No: İST.U-NET.D2.34.2478
Title: Hit Transfer Taş.ve Kong.Org.Çözümleri Ltd. Sti.
Address: Oruç Reis Mah. N: 10 AA Tekstilkent B 9 Block N: 41 Esenler / ISTANBUL
Phone: +90 (212) 438 52 11
Fax: +90 (212) 438 52 13
Tax Administration: Atısalanı V.D. 463 051 0378 Contractor 2 - Individual Customer (will be named “the customer” or “the buyer” from now on)

Tel & Fax:

This contract is issued for service sold by the agent in written, visual, telephone and electronic environments and states the rights and actions of the parties.

Transfer Type:
Vehicle Type:
Number of Persons:

2.1. Total charge for services provided is …………. TL including V.A.T. The customer hereby accepts paying ………………. TL in the vehicle for services provided by the agent on the same day of the service.
2.2. When necessary the agent can change the vehicle type with a higher segment vehicle type provided the agent will notify the buyer. If the customer does not accept this change, the customer has the right to cancel the reservation and receive a refund of the full fee; the customer is not entitled to demand a further compensation.
2.3. The customer hereby accepts to pay the total amount in the vehicle for the services provided by the agent.
2.4. In accordance with the Tax Code, the bill for services received will be filled within 7 days following the end of the services. In case the 7 days period comes across a different month of the year, the bill will be filled within the same month the service is provided.
2.5. In case of an force majeure or unforeseen circumstances such as but not limited to adverse weather conditions, traffic barricades, strike, lockout, terror, fog, war, possibility of war, unpredictable technical issues ; the agency may cancel or delay the service. In this case the passenger has no right to compensation.
2.6. Passengers are obliged to wear safety belts in accordance with the Traffic Law.
2.7. This contract is published and announced on the website on the agent, regardless the customer has received the contract or paid the agreed cost by mail order, virtual pos, money order or eft or if the customer has not signed the contract for any reason, it will be considered that the terms of this contract is within the knowledge of the customer and that the terms of the contract is valid between the parties.

3.1. The customer can make a reservation or cancellation at least 3 hours prior before the start of the service. If the passenger does not use the service or if he wants to cancel the stay within 3 hours at the beginning of the service, the service will be cancelled with full penalty. The customer is not entitled to any refund in the case.
3.2. For promotional sales, the customer is not allowed to cancel, delay or modify the services. Promotional sales are cancelled with full penalty regardless the customers cancellation reasons or notification.

4.1. This contract shall be deemed to have been accepted in two copies and submitted by the parties on the internet upon registration to the website by the customer. In the case of disputes arising out of the contract, the provisions of Road Transport Law No.4925 shall be applied. Istanbul Courts and Executive offices are authorized to resolve any disagreements.